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Way of Life-Trail

Idea and concept: your host Dieter Juster

Dieter Juster came up with the idea for the “Way of Life-Trail” while hiking himself. Back in 2015, the second time he hiked the St. John’s Way in the Mühlviertel, he asked himself: why don’t we have a trail like this in the Waldviertel? It took a lot of persuasion to convince 22 municipalities, but with the help of many people, the Way of Life was successfully opened in May 2018.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the Way of Life in parts starting from Bühnenwirtshaus each day getting acquainted with the region and start planning more. Special offer!

detailed information about the trail:

Impressions from a 10-day hiking tour on the Way of Life (268 km) taken by Dieter Juster in April 2019.
some of his experiences you find here (german only) Blogbeitrag.