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"The lead role is yours." - This is written on the slate plaque in our guest room. The Bühnenwirtshaus is a place to relax, to recharge your batteries, to discover the cultural and natural treasures of the region, ...

… a house telling stories

Run by the family since 1933 the house developed into a country inn for summer retreats. It expanded with the rise of cross-country skiing during the late 70th. In 1994 it was transformed to one of the first stage inns, which by 2015 had become an exemplary venue for the national and international culture and cabaret scene with a total of over 1300 performances throughout the years.

Since the reopening in 2020, we have been running the inn largely exclusively for guests staying overnight.

After a restful night, you can start the day  with a rich breakfast. Once and then we also cook for you in the evening: we coordinate the program with you in good time.

You should have a really good time while staying here: this is our main concern.