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Enjoy culture

Going to the countryside for culture? Why not!

At Truckerhaus in Gutenbrunn they offer a carefully compiled cultural program every year. In combination with a stay at the Bühnenwirtshaus, you can combine culture and nature on a weekend. Arrive relaxed and enjoy as relaxed!

2 nights in one of the coloured rooms; richly staged breakfast, an evening menu in good time before the performance, a Waldviertel menu, ticket reservation included.

price in double room per person € 219,–
excluding tax € 2,50 per night per person

may be booked only on weekends with program at the Truckerhaus via phone 02874/6253 or Email:

other cultural sites nearby:

Waldviertler Kammerbühne Ottenschlag (12 km)

Kultur in Martinsberg (3 km)

Kulturtage Schloss Pöggstall (12 km)

Kulturbauernhof Pirkenreith (24 km)

Temple of Sound / Rappottenstein (24 km)